Standard Solutions Group

SSG's fluid technology network for the process industry focuses on fluid systems close to the plant, where hydraulics, pneumatics and lubrication systems are the main interests.

The purpose of the network is to gather expertise and provide opportunities for information and experience exchange, which is broadly rooted in fluid systems. The network arranges lectures, standardisation in fluid technology and an annual conference in the autumn. The network holds an annual meeting in connection with the conference and intends to meet digitally once in the spring, in addition to other meetings.

The network is primarily open to people who work in client organisations for the forest, steel, mining and energy industries. The network is managed within SSG's guidelines for competitive neutrality and is led by a steering group consisting of SSG, a chairman and a vice chairman. In order not to provide competitive advantages to the purchaser side's counterparties, applications from the supplier level will be specifically examined and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Membership in the network is free of charge.

Are you interested in joining the network, or do you want to know more? Contact Us! (Please note that all network meetings will be held in Swedish)

SSG will process your personal data in accordance with SSG's data protection policy.

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