Standard Solutions Group

Cooperation in industry has been at the heart of SSG since the 1950s

To SSG Standards

SSG has been working with cooperation in industry for more than 60 years. This work is primarily driven by our ten committees and their workgroups, which involve some of Sweden’s top experts in their industrial fields. The ten committees, all of them focusing on different areas, are tasked with identifying common solutions or best practice with regard to common problems. And without revealing any business-related secrets.

Quality-enhanced, resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions

Committee work is run by SSG’s committee process managers, who work together to identify strategic and operational solutions that enhance quality and are resource-efficient and cost-effective and can be used throughout the entire process industry. The committees provide opportunities for experts to discuss matters, exchange experiences and come up with suggestions for how to promote productivity and sustainability in industry. SSG then takes the results of the committees’ work further and make this information available through our services, standards and courses.

Contact networks for everyone are extended thanks to active participation in SSG committees and workgroups – which involve around 500 people – while also allowing members to influence authorities, manufacturers and suppliers more actively. Committee work, which offers benefits for the companies involved in it, also results in the creation of standards and technical recommendations, as well as reports, technical bulletins and training courses.