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The Construction Committee is responsible for standardisation and research in the field of construction technology.

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This committee, which was founded in 1971, is responsible for maintenance of the SSG construction standards and creating common benefits in the field of construction technology. SSG construction standards aim to provide a useful tool for new plant design and maintenance, thereby helping to ensure that construction projects are implemented cost-effectively and to the right quality. Construction standards aim to provide a knowledge and experience base for the future and ensure the transfer of knowledge to new generations.

Personal safety, maintainability and cost-effectiveness are important criteria in construction, and these aspects are given priority when developing and revising SSG construction standards. The standards produced are characterised by harmonisation with applicable Swedish legislation and regulations and best practice.

Committee members are currently working on three projects relating to the revision of standards.

Committee members

  • Ingrid Olsson, SWECO Stockholm, chairman
  • Fredrik Wirf, AFRY Norrköping
  • Andreas Almér, Billerud Gävle
  • Magnus Gidlund, Metsä Board Husum
  • Magnus Krysell, Holmen Norrköping
  • Mattias Ek, WSP Stockholm
  • Sofie Vendersvik, Stora Enso
  • Sara Vedin, SSG

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