The Reliability and Efficiency Committee works with maintenance and production reliability, focusing on accessibility, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

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This committee was founded in 2011 and is working to add value through cooperation in respect of accessibility and costs. This work also involves development of reliability and maintenance through leadership, teamwork and the work environment. The sector’s total net benefit is increased by elevating everyone involved to a common maintenance development level. The outcome of the work done by this committee create benefits in terms of direct application for the most part, but it also provides opportunities to develop and refine service concepts.

Current projects in the Reliability and Efficiency Committee

The committee has workgroups that handle two to four projects per year. 
In 2021, the workgroups will work on the following projects:

  • AGU4 – Structured documentation for facilities
  • AGU10 – Design for sustainable operational reliability
  • AGU11 – Leading key indicators for the process industry
  • Upcoming: The committee discusses how new employees should be included in the maintenance area in the best possible way, and the closest project is the development of a course on the work order process.
  • Upcoming: Agreeing on commitments between departments can increase efficiency as the rules of the game are clear. The Committee therefore sees an effect in creating a template for an SLA (service level agreement) between departments.
  • Other: The committee reviews the steps and criticality analysis that should be done to achieve the best operational reliability.

Committee members

  • Karl-Johan Ericsson, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Aspa Bruk, chairman
  • Pontus Lord, Södra Cell Mönsterås, vice chairman
  • Jenny Friberg, SCA Underhåll
  • Stefan Hedblom, Holmen Iggesund
  • Stefan Rönnquist, Metsä Board Husum
  • Thomas Olsson, Rottneros Vallviks Bruk
  • Rickard Sjöblom, SSG

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