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The Pipe Engineering Committee is responsible for standardisation and research in the field of pipeline systems and pressure vessels.

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The SSG Pipe Engineering Committee was launched in 1971. It works with standardisation and researches new services relating to pipeline systems and pressurised devices. The work environment, reliability and maintenance are important criteria involved in this work. The committee regularly detects the needs of industry in respect of pipeline systems and pressurised devices, and it also works with business intelligence, network building and knowledge exchange. The committee is also working to increase awareness and market relevant standards and associated services.

SSG’s pipeline standards meet the requirements of applicable directives and regulations with regard to pressurised devices, which means that clients, suppliers and manufacturers can feel secure in their selection of components. SSG’s pipeline standards have a certificate of compliance which was issued by Kiwa Inspecta (certificate number 20-1013779-100).

Current projects in the Pipe Engineering Committee

  • Working group R5 – Pipe classes
    SSG's pipe classes are updated in accordance with current standards and the dimensions of suppliers. The working group have met the Finnish PSK working group for pipe classes in order to understand similarities and differences in PSK's and SSG's standards. They then identified differences in material thicknesses and have therefore created a separate working group to resolve the issue with the differences in thicknesses.
  • Working group R7 – Pipe suspensions
    Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the work have been completed and new editions of the standards included in those stages have been published. In stage 3, a simpler update of SSG 7000E is made.
  • Working group R8 – Insulation of pipe systems, cisterns, etc.
    The standards for technical insulation shall be revised according to comments that have been received. The idea is also to more clearly describe how insulation is carried out in practice among different industries.
  • Working group R9 – Technical regulations
    In SSG 7902E, materials shall be adjusted and a reference to SSG 1014E – "Internal coating of tanks by painting" shall be added. SSG 7904E will be reworked into a guide and it will also receive updated references.

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Committee members

  • Mikael Forseryd, Stora Enso Skoghall AB, chairman
  • Anders Lundqvist, Billerud AB, Gruvöns Bruk, vice chairman
  • Anders Stenlund, AFRY Division Industry
  • Anders Wetterberg, Ingenjörsfirman Rörkraft AB
  • David Theander, Iggesund Paperboard AB
  • Johan Barrulf, Valmet AB
  • Linus Axelsson, AFRY Division Infrastructure
  • Anders Gimbergsson, Metsä Board Sverige AB, Husum
  • Stefan Bengtsson, Södra Cell AB, Värö
  • Christer Wallin, SSG

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