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The Electrical Engineering Committee is responsible for standardisation and research in the field of electrical responsibility, electrical safety and electrical technology.

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The SSG Electrical Engineering Committee was founded in 1971 and works with standardisation in respect of electrical responsibility, electrical safety and electrical technology, and establishes new and revised standards in related fields. The committee monitors development in respect of electrics, as well as monitoring the need for new services and developing existing services based on SSG Standards.

The work of the committee aims to ensure that SSG standards and services in respect of electrics are established as de facto standards in the Swedish process industry, as well as being the actual choice of consultants, designers and suppliers for regular maintenance as well as in their attempts to run cost-effective, quality-assured construction, renovation and extension projects. Training courses, services and standards are provided to help companies and organisations to do the right thing when it comes to electrical responsibility and electrical safety for a safer work environment.

The committee is involved in extensive knowledge and experience exchange, along with network building. There are seven geographical elentrical networks in Sweden enabled by SSG, and each year the SSG Elansvarsträff (electrical responsibility meeting) conference gathers together almost 100 active stakeholders working with electrical responsibility in Sweden. 

The committee issues regular technical bulletins containing safety-critical information to contacts in the field. If you wish to recieve these, contact us by using the form below.

Committee members

  • Mikael Kjellin, Metsä Board Sverige AB, chairman
  • Carl Wanhainen, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Jan Östensson, Metsä Board Sverige AB
  • Kenneth Johansson, Södra Cell Värö
  • Lars-Göran Andersson, Essity Lilla Edet AB
  • Martin Sandin, Billerud AB
  • Mikael Svensson, Eurocon Umeå
  • Sven-Olof Humla, Holmen AB
  • Thomas Hedgren, Arctic Paper Munkedals AB
  • Thor-Björn Johansson, Södra Cell Mönsterås
  • Tony Nordström, SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB
  • Per Backlin, SSG

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