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Standard Solutions Group

Meet SSG – Your partner in creating a safer and more sustainable industry

At our core, standard is not just a part of our name, but a part of our DNA. However, we are far from being a standard company. We are a progressive and agile force where everybody aims higher for a better tomorrow. We bring together some of the leading experts in the Swedish industry, with a singular focus on solving the industry's current and future challenges. The solutions we create are transformed into a wide range of services, standards, and courses for industrial facilities, entrepreneurs, and suppliers.

With our eyes set on international growth, we are expanding our offerings to an international market where we see potential growth and opportunities for acquisitions. Our focus areas are work safety and safety, sustainability, and digitization, where modern work methods and digital technology lay the foundation for new services that make the international industry sustainable and competitive. Our headquarters in Sundsvall is home to about 100 employees, and we also have a presence in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, and Reykjavik.

Join us at SSG and be part of shaping the industry's future.

SSG – Setting new standards