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The Surface Treatment Committee is responsible for standardization and research in the field of surface protection.

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The SSG Surface Treatment Committee launched in 1974, works with SSG’s surface protection standards. The committee monitors situations and works to distribute experience in respect of surface protection, as well as working constantly to keep the documentation up to date and ensure that new standards and aids are developed in the field. The SSG Surface Protection Committee is based on expertise and tried and tested experience in the industry.

The committee comprises representatives from the industry, international paint suppliers, contractors, and technical specialists in this area. Industry representatives also participate in various working groups. The committee works to distribute information and knowledge of the importance of choosing the right surface protection and to increase awareness of how SSG standards can simplify and improve work. The committee also proposes new tools and methods to facilitate surface protection work. 

The committee’s ambition

Everyone in the industry must understand the long-term profitability offered by having the right surface protection. Knowledge of SSG must be a self-evident element in companies' day-to-day activities, and the surface protection standards must be the obvious choice for all procurement procedures and surface protection implementations in the forestry industry and other sectors where this is considered appropriate. The Surface Protection Committee must work to develop surface protection instruments that consider environments in the forestry industry and other industries facing similar challenges in Europe, from a life cycle perspective. The environment, health, and safety should always be considered and must be given priority when devising, developing, and revising documentation, tools, and methods for surface protection work.

Committee members

  • Jim Olovsson, SCA Munksund, chairman
  • Erik Pettersson, Holmen, vice chairman
  • Charlotte Persson, AFRY Division Industry
  • Christian Arvidsson, Alucrom AB
  • Christopher Lood, Teknos
  • Johan Werner, Andritz AB
  • Lars Lundén, Södra Cell Mönsterås
  • Magnus Gidlund, Metsä Board
  • Mats Nordin, Korrosionsrådgivare i väst
  • Nils-Erik Strömbäck, LKAB
  • Sara Vedin, SSG

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