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SSG Entre – an industry standard for a safer work environment at industrial plants. 


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SSG Entre is an online work environment and safety course for industry contractors. With SSG Entre for industrial plants, you can make sure that your contractors have the necessary knowledge in the areas of safety and the work environment to perform their work. As contractors in industry represent a group that is exposed to major risks in their work and are often out on assignments, it is difficult and inefficient to bring them together for training and a review of risks. By demanding an SSG Entre Basic course, a web-based course covering the work environment and safety, an industrial plant can follow up and make sure that the contractors procured have basic knowledge in the area of safety and the work environment, resulting in greater risk awareness and a safer work environment.

SSG Entre Basic course is web-based and can be done anytime, anywhere via SSG’s website when it suits the contractor and the contracting company, in a calm, learning environment. It is a good idea for the course to be completed before arrival at the plant. The contractor is then prepared and ready to start work right away, which saves time and administration. Both the plant and contracting companies can rest assured that all contractors, whatever their occupational group and nationality, have the same basic, necessary safety knowledge before work starts in according with an industry standard that has been tried and tested for ten years. If the plant has unique risk areas, rules and procedures, there is the facility to supplement the basic course with a local course that is implemented in the same way.

Simple follow-up via SSG’s systems

A plant that makes SSG Entre a requirement is given access to the SSG Access service. This enables the plant to check that contractors at the contracting companies registered meet the competence requirements to be granted entry. Checks can be performed either manually at a staffed security gate at which the contractor’s SSG Access card, which is issued when the course has been completed successfully, is read, or automated by linking the plant’s access control system to SSG’s Access database. This enables a successfully completed course to open a gate, for example, using the Access card. SSG’s website also offers the industrial company the facility to post information about its plant that is linked to SSG Entre as well as the unique requirements specified.

An industry standard

SSG Entre has been developed together with industry and is an industry standard in the field of contractor safety with approximately 400,000 contractors and closer to 300 industrial plants making it a requirement. The course is available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian, Slovak and Lithuanian.

Price for participating plant

  • Annual service charge for SSG Entre Basic: SEK 15,000
    Option to make SSG Entre Basic course mandatory when procuring contractors.
  • SSG Entre Standard: SEK 25,000
    In addition to functions in Basic, option to include local course.
  • SSG Entre Extra: SSG Entre Standard + SEK 10,000 per extra local course
    In addition to functions in Basic, option for up to five local courses.

Price SSG Entre Basic course

SEK 975

If you want to find out more about SSG Entre Basic course, read more here.


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