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Workflow: digitizing the permit process

The application of work permits and permits for hazardous areas is today often done manually, on paper, or partly digitally and may be perceived as complicated and just a paper product without meaning. Together with several stakeholders in the Swedish industry, we have developed Workflow - a digitalized flow for handling permits, certificates, and checklists.

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What is Workflow?

Workflow is a function in SSG On site that makes it possible to digitize the flow of work permits, authorizations, local certificates, and checklists that a site handles during risky work. It can be about permits to enter certain areas or work permits such as hot work, risk of explosions, handling of chemicals, or work at height - your site's specific needs for permits are now digitally possible and less complicated!

Workflow is an add-on to the communication app
 SSG On site

The app has over 1200 daily users in the industry. You can download it, free of charge, in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


How Workflow improves your existing processes

The process of work permits and permits is often done manually, on paper, or partly digitally. It can often be perceived as complicated and a paper product that loses meaning. If you have had to chase signatures around the facility, you know that it is enormously resource-intensive and all too often loses its important purpose.

With Workflow, you avoid all that. You can manage everything easily and quickly directly on your computer and phone. Watch the film to better understand the flow of the process.

Briefly about work permits from the Swedish Work Environment Authority

If there is a particular risk of fire or explosion, Section 36 requires a written work permit. In brief, it must contain handling and safety instructions for the work task. The person performing the work must certify in writing that these guidelines will be followed. The work may not begin until the coordinator has approved it. Work permits must be kept for at least three months after the work has been completed. Learn more on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's website.

"The fact that Workflow is available in the SSG On site app, which works for all sites, means that we as a site gain so much from it. Our contractors who come here are used to the system, which in turn makes it safer and it is much faster to get the work started."

– Anna Håkansson, Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions.

What are the features of Workflow?

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An opportunity to digitally generate, manage, and get an overview of all the facility's permits and work permits with associated procedures and checklists required before and after work. Including the digital interaction in the app between all parties involved.

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A possibility to generate a local certificate/proof/permit that is unique to the site. For example an acknowledgment of a briefing/training carried out by the site's own managers, a driving licence for forklifts of various kinds and much more - the only limit is your imagination!

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Can be any risk assessment, form, routine, or control, here we have spent an incredible amount of time and built a function that generates all types of forms that today can be found in paper form that you can now get completely digitally.

Pilot at Freudenberg and Pfizer

The application of work permits and authorizations is currently done manually, on paper, or partly digitally, and can often be perceived as complicated. It is extremely resource-intensive and all too often loses its important purpose. About a year ago, representatives from various parts of the Swedish industry met with SSG to jointly create a new function to digitize the flow of work permits and authorizations. The working group consisted of representatives from Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS) and Pfizer, among others.

"When we started looking at our work permit process, it was very clear that it wasn't working as well as we wanted. It was very paper-based and required a lot of administration. We felt that we spend an incredible amount of time and focus on handling paper and collecting signatures," says Anna Håkansson, process engineer at FHCS.

Read more about their experience and how they believe Workflow will change the work permit process for the better.

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