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A completely new function will soon be launched for SSG On site. During the autumn, several pilot tests were conducted at several facilities in Sweden and the response has been extremely positive.

– We call the module/function Workflow and it is expected to be ready for the outside world in the second week of December and will become an important component of SSG On site for many," says Markus Sjöholm, Product Manager for SSG On site.

The application of work permits and permits is currently done manually, on paper, or partly digitally, and can often be perceived as complicated. It is extremely resource-intensive and all too often loses its important purpose. About a year ago, representatives from different parts of the Swedish industry met with SSG to jointly create a new function to digitize the flow of work permits and authorizations. The working group consisted of representatives from, among others, Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS) and Pfizer.

- When we started looking at our work permit process, it was very clear that it was not working as well as we wanted. It was very paper-based and required a lot of administration. We realized that we spend so much time and focus on handling paper and collecting signatures," says Anna Håkansson, process engineer at FHCS.

To be part of the working group was a given

When Niclas Sterling, Fire Protection Manager at Pfizer in Strängnäs, was asked to join the working group to digitize work permits, he was quick to say yes.

– Everyone in the industry has in one way or another similar challenges when it comes to work permits, this is something that has come up in the working group. I am so incredibly grateful that we were able to participate, we have sat with the developers and Markus in various workshops that have been very instructive. SSG is also very good at listening to how we as a facility experience the function. That is why this work has been so incredibly valuable for us and the others in the working group," says Niclas.

Frida Hedlund, an HSE coordinator at FHCS, also saw great advantages with Workflow.

– We thought it sounded really interesting and immediately felt that this was something we needed to contribute to. Digital work permits would make things so much easier for the business, we don't have to deal with piles of paper with signatures, we don't have to run around looking for people - just one of those things," says Frida.


"This is really developed by industry, for industry"
– Anna Håkansson, FHCS

Smidiga funktioner som löser mycket

The most important function and purpose that the working group came up with was to be able to digitally generate, manage, and get an overview of all the plant's work permits with associated routines and checklists.

– Using SSG On site solves a lot in our everyday life and I see great advantages in making Workflow a function in the app. The checklists are also worth their weight in gold," says Niclas.

Bild: Arbetsgruppen i Workflow

Safer, more efficient, and traceable

In addition to the fact that the work and pilot tests have been very instructive, Frida sees that in both the short and long term, Workflow will help the plants themselves to learn even more about their processes and give them a completely new basis for becoming even safer.

– One thing we've talked about recently is traceability, what a fantastic opportunity it is, to be able to look back in Workflow and see what risks we had seen before this work. We haven't had that opportunity in the same way before, says Frida.

– The fact that Workflow is also available in the On site app, which works for all sites, means that we as a site gain so much from it. Our contractors who come here are used to the system, which in turn makes it safer and it is much faster to get the work started. So there are so many more advantages with Workflow in addition to better security at the facility – it becomes security for the externals to recognize the system – I think that is very important, says Anna.

Many thanks to everyone in the working group

– We are so grateful for all the time they spent: before, during, and after the pilots. When we conducted the pilot tests at the facilities, the level of care was world-class. It is precisely in this interaction and in our meetings that our learning really takes full effect when we get to meet experts in each industry, listen and see with our own eyes how we can help them in their work," says Markus in conclusion.

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