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Biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker AB processes renewable raw timber to make products with a strong environmental profile.

Cellulose, bioethanol and lignin are its main products. The company has production facilities just outside central Örnsköldsvik and employs 400 staff in Sweden and 15 in the Baltic states. Its turnover stands at around SEK 1.6 billion. Domsjö Fabriker is part of Aditya Birla Group, a leading multinational operation based in India.

Domsjö Fabriker works with systematic, long-term work environment and fire safety management and makes stringent demands in terms of the work environment, external environment, safety and quality. This is why the laws and regulations applicable in the labour market have been supplemented with local safety rules. Contractors and visitors of any other kind are obliged to be aware of and apply our rules.

We are working together to make a safe workplace, a Safe Domsjö.

Local safety regulations (swedish)
Local safety regulations (english)
Local safety regulations (finnish)
Local safety regulations (polish)

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