Standard Solutions Group

SSG is maintaining and developing the SSG Entre Concept together with experts from the Swedish industry. Several of the connected industrial branches has a representative in the group.

The aim for the reference group is to make sure that adequate knowledge to the right target group decreases accidents and injuries on contractors for the demanding plant. The aim is also to make sure that the course is well suited for the branches that demands SSG Entre.

Tasks for the group

  • Define knowledge aims for the target group 
  • Advise regarding validation times 
  • Advise new branches 
  • Identify needs for development for the SSG Entre concept
  • Advise international cooperation
  • Approve experts
  • Examine course evaluations
  • Make sure that the course has desired effect on the industry
  • Identify needs for the industry
  • Spread information and decisions back to the industry

Representatives in the reference group

The members in the reference group are representatives from the industries using SSG Entre.

  • Siv-Britt Söderberg, SSAB Borlänge
  • Peter Lind, Karlstad Energi
  • Catarina Gustafsson, Stora Enso Skoghall
  • Annika Kruuna, Boliden
  • Moa Karlsson, LKAB Malmberget
  • Mikael Frykholm, Epiroc Rock drills
  • Mats Andersson, Inovyn Stenungssund
  • Ingela Löf, Barilla
  • Carina Webjörn, Preem
  • Marco Rainerson, BillerudKorsnäs
  • Linda Karlsson, LKAB
  • Catarina Jenssen, Stora Enso