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Söderenergi Södertälje

Söderenergi produces district heating and electricity and is owned by the municipalities of Huddinge, Botkyrka and Södertälje. This district heating is sold by the SFAB distribution companies in Huddinge, Botkyrka and Salem, and by Telge Nät in Södertälje and Nykvarn.

We also maintain a production partnership with Stockholm Exergi and periodically supply parts of southern and central Stockholm with district heating. The electricity produced by Söderenergi is fed out into the national power grid and sold on Nordpool, the Nordic electricity exchange. In total, we produce enough heating for around 120,000 households as well as offices and industries, as well as enough electricity to meet the household needs of 100,000 homes. Besides electricity and heating, we also produce steam for pharmaceutical production at the AstraZeneca plant in Gärtuna and high-temperature hot water for the Scania paint shop in Södertälje.

Söderenergi’s large plants are Igelstaverket, which includes the Igelsta heating plant and Igelsta CHP plant in Södertälje, as well as the Fittjaverket plant in Botkyrka. We also have three auxiliary plants: Geneta central boiler plant, Huddinge central machine plant and Skogås central high-temperature hot water plant. We mostly use biofuels and recovered fuels for incineration, and all our plants hold work environment certification in accordance with ISO 45001 and environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001.

Around 150 people work at Söderenergi.

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