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Karlstads Energi Karlstad

Working together to make Karlstad bright, warm and clean. Our business concept involves being a committed local supplier of energy and sanitation services to private customers and companies in the Karlstad region, while also being a secure, eco-friendly partner.

Karlstads Energi AB distributes and sells district heating to more than 5000 customers and electricity to around 40,000 customers. We produce our own heating and electricity. The electricity comes from our biofuel-powered CHP plant in Heden and the Vindpark Vänern Offshore Wind Farm. Most of our district heating production comes from the Heden plant. We sell around 500 million kWh of electricity and an equivalent amount of district heating every year.

Karlstads Energi handles municipal sanitation in Karlstad. We collect and process household and business waste in the municipality. Each year, we collect around 20,000 tonnes of waste in bags and containers from our 17,000 or so sanitation customers, along with more than 16,000 tonnes of bulky waste at our recycling centres.

We are a company owned by citizens. Producing and selling energy is part of our municipal assignment. Karlstads Energi AB is part of the Karlstads Stadshus AB Group, which is wholly owned by the municipality of Karlstad. We hold environmental accreditation to ISO 14001.

Source: Karlstads Energi


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Contact: Martin Andersson +46 54 540 72 24