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Agile teams and system administration – is it a “match”? This question was the theme of SSG’s presentation at Systemförvaltning 2022 on 6–7 December in Stockholm.

On 6–7 December, the NFI (Nordic Forum for Information) held its Systemförvaltning 2022 conference. SSG’s group manager in the field of IT, Tony Godin, was invited to explain more about SSG’s work.

Is an organisation happier with agile teams?

In recent years, SSG has changed its work on IT development and, with the aid of Crisp, has developed a new way of working with agile product teams, which include representatives from both IT and other parts of the business.

One issue that Tony raised at the conference was whether an organisation is happier with agile teams.

“Yes, I’d say that’s true,” says Tony. “It’s common to optimise resources by allowing people to move between several assignments and projects at the same time, which results in employees becoming fragmented and losing focus. Our way of working reduces stress among our employees, as we move work tasks to the team, where we prioritise what is most important and don’t accept more tasks than we can manage at the same time. Operational and IT resources make a joint assessment of what can reasonably be achieved.”

Tony berättar om agila team och systemförvaltning
Photo: Tony Godin, SSG.

Effective development projects and technical life cycle management

Tony also talked about how an IT business can achieve effective development projects and technical life cycle management with agile teams.

“The project can be used as a form of control and a basis for financing. Organising work tasks is done better in the agile team. By working as we do, you get a better view of the situation. If you work on the same product for a longer period of time, you become good at it. The fact that we work together also provides peace of mind, it feels better that you’re not alone in your work, but that there’s always someone who knows what to do,” says Tony.

“In an agile product team, you’re responsible for the product throughout its life cycle, from creation to decommissioning. If you have to manage it over a long period of time, the motivation to create a solution that’s sustainable in the long term increases right from the start. You don’t have the same kind of quality awareness if you’re being stressed by tight deadlines and leave the administration to someone else,” he continues.

Amazing results

Since SSG changed its way of working, the IT Department’s results in the employee survey have been higher than ever.

“I feel that the employees are very positive and satisfied. We have a really good workplace, that was made particularly clear in the employee survey that we conducted recently, where we had amazingly good results,” concludes Tony.

SSG is growing rapidly and is looking for more employees who want to help us develop our services. Are you more curious about what it’s like to work in IT at SSG?

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