Standard Solutions Group

SSG Standard Solutions Group is heading towards a bright future and has taken a decision on the company’s biggest-ever investment. Over the next three years, SSG will be running new development initiatives for the equivalent of SEK 100 million, to the benefit of Swedish and global industry. We will see over 30 new appointments in 2023 and an increasingly clear focus on internationalisation. 

  • We are a service development company with IT solutions
  • We are a knowledge centre where industry comes together to create innovative solutions 
  • We have unique trust based on our origins and our agile way of working 
  • We contribute to a sustainable world – for a safe and sustainable industrial sector

Innovativ agil utveckling i Sundsvall

industry standards and innovative digital solutions that make a difference 

SSG Standard Solutions Group was formed in the forestry industry and has been developed over the decades as a knowledge centre for Swedish industry. Together, we have created industry standards and innovative digital solutions that contribute to the success of world-leading industries in a global market.

We contribute to knowledge and solutions that improve the work environment. Our standards contribute to sustainable solutions for people, technology and processes in a site’s life cycle. Our way of working and our solutions are an important part of the industrial sector’s digital transformation. 

Our customers are all industrial actors. We deliver value to most industrial sectors and industrial actors, many of them world-leading companies at the cutting edge. We help contribute to successes in new, innovative industrial projects for climate change.

SSG Standard Solutions Group has over 100 employees, including consultants, most of whom work at head office in Sundsvall. We work together with industry, where approx. 600 industrial experts are actively involved in our innovative networks. We have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki, and are also represented on Iceland. The company is owned by the major industrial groups Stora Enso, SCA, Billerud, Holmen, Metsä Board and Södra Skogsägarna, and currently has turnover of around SEK 170 million.   

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