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SSG Product Database can help you to organise and structure your spare parts and increase productivity

SSG Product Database is a service that helps industrial plants and suppliers to organise and structure their spare parts.

Spare part components are classified consistently in SSG Product Database, making them searchable in a common database. The transparency of the parts database reduces tied-up capital at the plant in question while also allowing plants to “borrow” spare parts from one another. This helps to organise and structure spare parts, while increasing availability of the spare parts you need.

Plants hold large data volumes – and if used correctly, this data can optimise inventory management and business processes and increase availability of critical spare parts. SSG Product Database provides a carefully devised structure and organisation for your spare parts master data, streamlining your purchasing, warehousing maintenance processes and enhancing productivity.

Standardised structure and organisation

SSG Product Database classifies spare parts and parts for affiliated plants according to a complete structure. Every part is provided with a description and matched against existing parts in the SSG database, which includes almost 700,000 parts. New parts are then assigned unique SSG article numbers that stay with them for as long as they exist. Everything is visible and searchable in the database for every affiliated plant. Affiliated industries can then view the database to see which parts they have in stock and find out where spare parts are available should the need arise. SSG handles part maintenance to standardise and update product information for your warehouse, thereby freeing up your own resources.

The unique SSG article number makes it possible to identify parts no matter who supplied or manufactured them. You can always get hold of the right component – components are searchable online. The unique transparency of the database makes it possible for plants to share spare parts, reducing tied-up capital and increasing availability.

For industry and suppliers

SSG Product Database is not just a resource for industrial plants. Any companies using parts catalogues and wishing to organise and structure their master data can benefit from SSG Product Database. Suppliers can sign up for the service and have their parts classified, while also marketing themselves and displaying spare parts and alternative parts where necessary. Product information is updated in a single location, and the quality of this data is assured by SSG.

SSG Product Database links industry together. When used with other SSG services such as SSG Supplier, it also allows you to ensure that suppliers are meeting your requirements. SSG Product Database has been helping industry to improve efficiency for more than 50 years, winning the Stora Produktivitetspris, the Major Productivity Award in 2014.


SSG offers workshops to ensure that productivity is increased, culminating in a proposed cost. Contact us for more information.

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