Standard Solutions Group

In SSG Product Database, facilities' and suppliers' items are registered according to a standardized structure. You can obtain SSG Item Numbers in two ways.


1. If you have the service SSG Product Database

If you have the service SSG Product Database, you can access the entire item register. There you can directly monitor and request updates to your own products, and communication with SSG is managed via a web form. You can also see who is subscribing to the items and you can export the assortment to Excel. SSG Item number then only needs to be requested for the items that are not already in the database. If you are going to register many items you can use the template below.

2. If you do not have the service SSG Product Database

If you do not have the service SSG Product Database, use the template below for registration and send the completed template to SSG will then help you to create SSG Item Numbers for the items you want to register. The template contains definitions and explanations for each column. If we need more information, we will contact you.

Download SSG's template for item registration (Excel file)

What information does SSG need to create an SSG Item Number?

  • Uniform categorizing name (valve, compression spring, three-phase motor).
  • Brand (product specification owner) (SKF, Somas, ABB).
  • Brand (product specification owner) reference designation for the item.
  • Supplementary information (variant designation, dimension, material).
  • Package size (number indicating size or number of/in package).
  • Information on packaging.
  • Purchase unit (pcs, m, l etc.)

If you are a supplier to the process industry

A supplier can also promote itself and its services in connection with the items. In this way, it is easier for a customer or industry to find replacement items in the event of, for example, a breakdown or in the event of inquiries and quotations.

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