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Norcarb Engineered Carbons Malmö

Norcarb Engineered Carbons AB has been operating out of the Malmö Oil Terminal since 1967 and manufactures carbon black. Carbon black is a term used to refer to carbon in an extremely fine form. There are a number of important applications for carbon black. These include improving the robustness and wear resistance of tyres and similar products, providing UV protection for various plastic parts such as water pipes and gas pipes, and providing shells for electronic equipment.

Heavy fractions of oil products are used as a raw material in the manufacturing process. These raw materials, which are referred to jointly as Carbon Black Feedstock and are also known as base oil, are brought in on ships and handled and stored at the plant. Around 60,000 tonnes is consumed in total, and about 35-40,000 tonnes of carbon black are produced from this amount.
The production process gives off a lot of thermal energy, so Norcarb is a supplier of district heating, electricity and steam in addition to its production of carbon black.

Safety is important to us here at Norcarb, and we are constantly working to improve in this regard. We have to operate in compliance with Group standards as well as Swedish laws and regulations so that we can work as efficiently and as safely as possible. The company also has management systems for quality, the environment, the work environment and safety.

Norcarb employs around 55 staff working with production, maintenance, logistics, the laboratory and administration. Production takes place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which means that many people work shifts, particularly in production.

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