The SSG Entre Basic course provides industry contractors with a basic knowledge of health, safety and the environment.

3 hours
975 SEK

How it works

The SSG Entre Basic course is an online work environment and safety course for industry contractors. The SSG Entre Basic course provides basic expertise and enhances risk awareness among contractors who often work in high-risk environments. A number of people are injured at work every year, but enhancing knowledge and awareness of the risks can help to make workplaces safer and allow more people to get home from work safely. The SSG Entre Basic course provides awareness of how to deal with hazards of various kinds in industry, and the aim of this course is to improve the safety culture and work environment and reduce accidents in the workplace.

It takes two to three hours to complete the online SSG Entre Basic course. This means the course can be done anywhere, anytime, as long as an Internet connection is available. The course ends with a final test with certification, and a diploma is issued afterwards. Results are valid for three years. The course is divided into five sections:

Offered in 18 languages

The SSG Entre Basic course is defined as a requirement at a number of major industrial plants in Sweden and is currently available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian, Slovak and Lithuanian . Some plats have a local SSG Entre course that highlights the unique risks and hazards on the plant. The local courses are also accessed through SSG's website. To see what plats that have local SSG Entre courses, look at the page for participating SSG Entre companies.

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