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In 2023, the SSG On site service was introduced to simplify the distribution of information and improve safety at LKAB Svappavaara. One year later, we were curious to hear what they think about the communication app.

The app improves safety in many ways

Heléne Rundgren, Work Environment Developer at LKAB Svappavaara, has been closely involved in their initiative. She shares her thoughts and explains how SSG On site has improved their operations.

– In the mining industry, we work over very large areas and there are many contractors who work with us every year. By starting to use SSG On site, we have been able to digitize the communication around safety and the routines we have. We believe that this can improve safety in many ways.

Why SSG On site makes it easier to work with health and safety issues

  • Shared portal for all contractors and LKAB employees
  • Relevant and up-to-date safety information, which we can see reaching more people
  • The push notification allows us to easily inform about our scheduled weekly explosions.

"It is working very smoothly and nicely. I, as a maintenance technician, have daily contact with our contractors. The push notification reminding us of scheduled explosions has been very useful in our daily work."

– Georgeta Pop, Maintenance Technician at LKAB Svappavaara.

These features are perfect for us in maintenance

Store routines easily in the app

– Contractors can easily find our procedures and see what applies to, for example, energy isolation at the Svappavaara site.

The Map

– Contractors can easily see the key elements of the site, directly in the app.

The link with the Access system

– Sync with the Access system and our course requirements for entry. If any contractor wants to know more or read up on our security information afterwards, they can do so at their leisure in the app.

Would you recommend the service to other companies?

– Yes! It has made things a lot easier for us here at LKAB Svappavaara.

About LKAB Svappavaara

LKAB offers sustainable iron ore, mineral and specialty products for an international market. More about LKAB in Svappavaara can be found here.