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Towards a more sustainable future

We are pleased to present SSG Standard Solutions Group's Sustainability Report for 2023. During the year, we have experienced strong growth in the company and have recruited over 30 new employees who together have helped to move the company forward.

At SSG, we take on the future with high ambitions and great drive, where we are currently on a journey that takes us beyond Sweden’s borders. We live in a world where our digitalized society has made the world smaller, while we have major common challenges. The climate is one of these challenges where we must all take our responsibility in large and small ways. Within the company, we have a strong commitment to contribute to a sustainable society - in Sundsvall, Sweden and the world.

Our work starts at the individual level where we encourage all our employees to be involved in our sustainability work. In the smallest way, it can be about choosing the right means of transportation, spending time on recycling and making conscious choices in everyday life. On a larger scale, it includes the services that SSG offers - services that can help our customers, often large international companies, to safer and more sustainable industrial facilities.

SSG works with customers, suppliers and partners to strengthen the focus on environmental, quality and safety issues. Through this sustainability report, we
strive for transparency and to create a dialog with all our stakeholders. We believe in the power of collaboration to create a more sustainable future together.

Pål Bakken, CEO SSG Standard Solutions Group.

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