Standard Solutions Group

Broadening our horizons and directing our curiosity towards what lies ahead is part of everyday life for Johan Engman, Head of Innovation at SSG. For him, it is fundamental to work with the shared power of innovation that exists in the organization.

“We could have keys to unlock each other's ideas. It's important that we build on and explore ideas together,” he says.

He explains that the best idea is usually not the first one. Developing ideas together is the main way forward. This requires a culture of openness and exploration, but it is also supported by a structured process that can drive development forward.

“We can create so much more together than we can when we are sitting on our own and thinking,” he says.

Appreciated speaker

At the security conference SSG Säkerhetskonferens in March, Johan gave an appreciated lecture and workshop on how AI and digital services can help us create safer workplaces.

On May 30, it is time for Johan to take the stage again. At Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå, he will be speaking on the importance of people in digital transformation. For example, what role does human desire and skill play when it comes to using new technologies?

"Change can come with challenges and the importance of bringing people along in those situations should not be underestimated. You often need to let the curious ones take the lead and try things out, but it's also important to get the big crowd on board in a transformation process. It doesn't matter how good the technology and innovations are if they are not used".

Learning is a success factor

Johan sees building organizations where there is a willingness to learn new things as a success factor, and at SSG, innovation is one of the company's most important focus areas where all employees play an important role.

“Everyone is so much more innovative than they might think. You shouldn't be afraid to let the slightly weird ideas come along, don't say no to things too quickly. Laughing and having fun together is also an important part of this work".


You are very welcome to visit SSG when we are on site during Euro Mine Expo on May 28-30, 2024. You will find us both on stage where we offer an inspiring lecture and in the Zinc hall where we are located in stand 178.