Standard Solutions Group

Our aim is for our standardised services to be the obvious choice for industry

SSG has been a partner to industry since the 1950s. Our work involves creating common, standardised solutions to shared problems faced by the industry. To succeed in this, we need the trust of our customers – and we have had this trust for six decades now. We believe in respectful, responsible work as a trusted third party to industry. Our customers can remain secure in the knowledge that anything they entrust to us will be in safe hands and that they will derive the maximum possible benefit from it. The natural partner to industry, with directive customer focus, quality and professionalism. We know what we are doing – of that there can be no doubt.

Our vision

“Commercial success through industrial collaboration.”

Our core values

Our core values are rooted in the history of the company, and our company has been built up around these values. They define the ways in which we work and behave. Our core values provide inspiration and challenge our staff in our attempts to create a successful company – financially, socially and environmentally.


At SSG, respect means being open and honest and behaving with integrity. We respect differences between people and cultures at the companies that we work with, and we consider how our actions affect everyone around us, both now and in the future. Respect promotes cooperation and makes it easier for us to achieve our common goals. In return, we receive the respect of industry and our partners on account of our reliable and persistent efforts.


As far as we are concerned, responsibility is synonymous with reliability – but it also involves being creative and self-reliant, and being ready to take on challenges. For others, responsibility means that we care – about ourselves, about one another, about the company and about our customers. We also behave in a way that promotes sustainable, responsible development.


We use openness to build trust. Openness leaves its mark on our entire corporate culture – between staff and the companies we work with, and in respect of the companies and people around us. We strive to be transparent and communicative, and we always welcome discussion. Openness is an important prerequisite if we are to achieve our vision and business concept with regard to cooperation and interaction.

A proactive approach

We have to be proactive in everything we do if we are to be able to control our future and the development that will get us there. We do not wait around to see what tomorrow will bring. We predict and inspire actions through the things that we do and the way in which we work. A proactive approach helps us to organise ourselves so that we can face up to future challenges. We work in close cooperation with our customers, promote innovative solutions and strive to be a cutting-edge partner that inspires confidence, thereby supporting our mission – to devise cost-effective solutions to common problems.