Standard Solutions Group

Many different sectors and industries face the same challenges; challenges requiring the development of standardised work approaches, solutions and methods so that more time can be freed up in order to develop your core business.

This is where SSG comes in. SSG is working to make Swedish industry safer, more productive and more sustainable by developing standards of various kinds in the form of servicesstandards and courses. This is achieved by coordinating industrial expertise in our ten committees, which involve representatives of various Swedish industry sectors. These committees discuss common problems found in industry and their solutions, and we pick these up and develop them.

Essentially, common problems can be identified and standard solutions can be devised in areas where there is no competition in industry. This makes Swedish industry safer, more productive, more sustainable – and above all, more competitive. We all stand to benefit.

Standards – our heart and soul

Industrial cooperation is deeply rooted within SSG, and has been since the very beginning. The embryo that would later develop into SSG was developed at the SCA internal corporate standards department back in the 1950s. Their work aimed to streamline the company’s plants and enhance quality in respect of project design and procurement. In the 1960s, twelve other companies became affiliated to the standardisation partnership. For more than 60 years, SSG has devoted itself to developing standardised solutions to promote more efficient industry, handle data for various companies and help to make everything work perfectly in industry. Our services are available in a number of sectors in Swedish industry and create an ecosystem that helps to improve productivity, sustainability and safety. We are about 80 people working in our business areas Work Safety and Sustainability, with support from Development, HR, Economy and Communications. Our head office is located in Sundsvall, Sweden, and are also represented in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Reykjavik and Helsinki.

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SSG – Setting new standards.