Standard Solutions Group

Check in to your project using the SSG Personnel register

This is how you use the SSG personnel registered to check in for a project.

  1. Visit on your phone. Here, click on Personalliggare [Personnel journal].
  2. Enter your Access card number and click on the orange button. You can create a temporary code if you do not have an Access card number.
  3. Here, you select the project for which you want to check in. Your latest check-ins appear at the top of the list. If you want to select a different project, you can click in the list to find it under the name of the company in question. Click on the project to continue.
  4. When you have selected a project, click on Checka in [Check in]. You will receive confirmation within a few seconds to indicate that you have been checked in, and the button turns into a Checka ut [Check out] button.
  5. You are now checked in! Do not forget to check out when you go home. Please contact us if you have any questions.