Why is Access being updated?

We have updated Access with the main aim of increasing security and improving technology. With the new system, each access controller will have a personal account, enabling the tracking of individuals who have undergone checks and identifying the access controller responsible for each check. The new work method allows for more precise management of system access compared to the previous approach. The new system is more secure, technically better, and designed for a better user experience.

The old version was closed on 01-31-2024.

What do I have to do as a Administrator?



What happens when we start using the new system?

For the remainder of the year, you can use both the new and the old versions in parallel. On the 01-31-2024, the old version was closed.

More questions?

Do you have any other questions? Please visit the SSGs customer forum, where you can ask questions and see more questions and answers.

What will be new at launch?

Improved security with personal accounts

Security has improved with personalized accounts and One-time passwords via email or text message. A unique password is generated each time you log in, preventing account sharing and protecting personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, every access control gets logged, which makes it easy to see who has access to whom on the site.

Improvements in access control

We have done a lot to improve the user-friendliness of access control.
The system can now automatically detect the type of number you are checking, and it is also easier to see for how long a person meets the access requirements for the site.

Additional knowledge test

There are now extended possibilities to assign an extra knowledge test to a person if you suspect cheating, or if you want to perform random checks. Previously, this was only available on the SSG Entre Basic Course, but now it is possible to order an extra knowledge test on the site's local course.

View Contractors

Discover the "Contractors" page, where you can identify contractors that meet the specific requirements for your site, and you can export this information into a CSV file. This page serves as an updated replacement for the previous "Search" page. The exported data also encompasses all varieties of chip numbers.

More dynamic access requirements

Now, you have the option to specify that an access requirement can be fulfilled by various courses. For example, if you have a Swedish version of the SSG Entre Basic Course or if you also wish to approve the Finnish equivalent, SSG Contractor Safety Finland. These requirements can also be configured to apply within a specified date range.



Access requirements for areas

Project staffing and personnel ledgers are no longer available in Access, it is now a separate product called Project Staffing. This means that if you want to check staffing against different projects, a separate agreement is required for that service.

User administration

As an administrator at your site, you can now easily assign and remove Access users via the SSG portal. Previously, SSG's support had to update this for you, but now you can do it yourself. Read more in our customer forum about how to administer users.

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