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Industrial access control and staffing with SSG Access

SSG Access is a service for access and competence control for industry with the possibility of project staffing and electronic personnel journal. With the service, an industrial plant can easily see that a contractor meets the requirements to perform a job. Control is done with manual access control, proactive project staffing, or automated via the SSG Access API. With the staffing function, a plant can record project/maintenance stops, connect construction companies to the project, which allows the contractor company to easily staff according to the plant's requirements. After that, the plant can see in good time that all contractors meet the requirements, which contributes to a more efficient entry at, for example, the start of the maintenance stop.

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Quick and easy site access

SSG Access simplifies competence control for the industrial facility when each course participant who has completed one of SSG's courses is assigned an Access Card. When the contractor arrives at the facility, they put their RFID card on the card reader and the system verifies that the contractor meets the course and company requirements for the facility, which gives you quick and effective control. The facility also has the option to register the Access Card as an entry card to the facility.

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Simplified mobile functionality

Follow-up checks can easily be done directly on the mobile phone on, for example, a safety round or similar occasions. In SSG Access, the company can define both an external and internal course requirement, which enables control of both its employees and contractors.
When registering a presence in the electronic personnel led, the contractor uses his mobile phone for registration of check-in and check-out, the function meets the Swedish Tax Agency's requirements (SKVFS 2015:6). If the contractor has forgotten their mobile phone, they can get help with check-in and check-out via the doorman or equivalent function at the facility.

Personnel journal directly on your phone!

Works with other SSG services

SSG Access is available in two versions, Access Standard and Access High. SSG Access Standard is part of SSG Safety and is used in requirements and follow-up to SSG Supplier as well as all courses in SSG Academy, the facility's local courses can also be added as access requirements. SSG Access is currently used at over 300 industrial facilities and provides benefits for both industrial plants and contractors with simplified access and competence control. Both the plant and the contractor receive good control and follow-up on who performs work, following government requirements.



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