Standard Solutions Group

During the pandemic, SSG's new CEO Pål Bakken moved from Stockholm to Sundsvall. He moved in with his partner Nina and the plan was to take a year off, but instead, new challenges awaited the Norwegian. 

– I went to a few different interviews and when I met SSG I immediately felt that 'I want to work here'. When I saw all the logos belonging to SSG's customers, I thought that if this company has all these big customers, then they are doing something right," he says.

 A little more than a year ago, Pål Bakken started as a business developer at SSG and has since worked in several different roles within the company. A month ago, he was presented as the new CEO.

– I have a drive and a business mindset and think it is important to lead through others, we have a very good management team and others within the company that I can delegate to. I want to be a CEO who is available and has time for everyone even if I have a lot to do.

SSG aims for new markets

SSG has strong roots in the Swedish market and Pål believes in continued growth in Sweden, while SSG has embarked on an exciting journey of internationalization where the company is already present outside Sweden's borders.

– We will be looking at more countries in the near future. Sweden as a country is at the forefront when it comes to security and we have built up expertise over so many years here at SSG. Our customers have great confidence in us, so we have the best references in the world to be able to grow internationally.

In 2023, SSG has hired over 30 people. Many new employees provide increased capacity, but it also poses a challenge for an organization.

– We have ambitions to continue to grow, but we also need to consolidate the company based on the employees we have today and ensure that everything works well and that everyone is on board and feels involved in the work ahead.

Not afraid of challenges

When Pål moved to Sundsvall, it was a blank page that lay before him. But as a person who enjoys change and challenges, there was no doubt.

– When I moved here, I only had my partner. I didn't know anyone, had no friends, no job or anything. But I've been in that situation several times before and it's not something I'm afraid of. It turned out great and I think it's beyond my expectations.

Recently, Pål has been working a lot, but when he gets some free time, he describes himself as "a completely normal individual".

– I'm probably like many others, I relax on the couch, go hiking and so on. I'm also an car enthusiast, it's a hobby of mine.