Welcome to SSG Digital Safety Conference March 24, 2021!

The SSG Safety Conference is one of the largest forums dealing with occupational health and safety and has been held annually since 2006.

SSG welcomes you to the SSG Safety Conference March 24, 2021, one of Sweden's largest forums for work environment and safety issues, where we go in depth on the soft work environment issues within the industry. This year's theme is 'We & them: The art of collaborating'.

Where: Digital.
When: Wednesday 24th of March 2021.
Price: 1,950 SEK (ex VAT) per participant.
For who: SSG Safety Conference is aimed at those who work with work environment-related issues, or for those who want to take their environment work to new levels.
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Every year, a large number of participants who are active in the work environment and occupational health and safety issues and the like, from industry, research and agencies, gather to discuss important issues on the topic and listen to seminars.

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