Standard Solutions Group

At Järnvägsforum Norr 2024 (Railway forum North) on April 18 and 19, most of the key players in the railway sector gathered in Sundsvall, Sweden. SSG Standard Solutions Group CEO Pål Bakken was invited to share his views on the industrial expansion currently taking place in northern Sweden and how it affects the need for a well-functioning infrastructure.

– These are issues that are very important to many of SSG's customers, and therefore important to us as well. I am glad that SSG was invited to this type of forum to give our view on the importance of a functioning infrastructure for us and our customers, said Pål Bakken.

Shorter travel times and increased capacity - what would an expanded railway mean for industry? This was the question put to Pål Bakken, CEO of SSG, Magnus Svensson, Purchasing and Logistics Director at SCA and Karin Johnson, CEO of RISE Processum AB. They could all testify to the shortcomings in terms of both capacity and punctuality that exist on the Swedish railways today.

– There are many entrepreneurs out on the roads today who need to get to northern Sweden and the industries that invest here. There is a great need for faster and safer transportation alternatives, said Pål Bakken.

Järnvägsforum Norr was attended by participants from all over Sweden, but also from our neighboring countries Finland and Norway where several of SSG's customers are also located and operate.

Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, Andreas Carlson, attended the forum to present how Sweden will manage to build a strong, robust and high-capacity infrastructure and what will be required to succeed.

– This is important for our industry today and will be important in the future. The railway has a central function for commuting and freight traffic and is a prerequisite for growth. We also see this when it does not work, for example with the major disruption on Malmbanan* and what this means for the business community, the minister said in his speech.

*Malmbanan or the Iron Ore Line, is a 398-kilometre long railway line between Riksgränsen and Boden in Norrbotten County, Sweden