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In June, SSG visited AstraZeneca in Södertälje to test a new functionality linked to the Workflow module. This function shows the entire facility on an interactive map and provides an overview of which work permits are ongoing and which are planned. Peter Stenberg, High-Risk Prevention
Lead at AstraZeneca, shared his thoughts on the pilot day and Workflow.

The interactive map is now being tested in its first version, and with the help of the industry, the function will be developed and adapted. Peter says that they have already seen great benefits from the function in Workflow, to get an overview of all ongoing work. He is looking forward to being able to click on the assignments on the screen and get an even better picture of ongoing work and which ones will be carried out in the future.

– It will contribute a lot to our business. We have already seen an incredible strength in visualizing the assignments on an interactive map. In this way, we get a good opportunity in our daily management to get an overview of all the work we have going on. We will now get an even better picture of what work assignments are in progress and what work will be done in the future. Having access to this and being able to click on ongoing and planned work on the screen will be great.

New insights have led to increased safety and efficiency

On 1 April, AstraZeneca in Södertälje started using Workflow to create and assign work permits and authorizations. Before the implementation of Workflow, 300 people were trained as authorizers, and Peter says that they have already seen positive effects.

– Thanks to this system, it has become even easier to identify things that we need to improve or change in our internal processes. We have discovered minor errors in routines and working methods that we have corrected, and the work has become even safer and more efficient than before. We see an incredible benefit already today with Workflow and SSG On site. It has worked well, we are constantly developing our working methods and getting new ideas.

Good dialog and responsiveness behind the success

Peter feels that the cooperation with SSG has been very positive. He appreciates the quick response and openness to dialog and development.
- Some of these things have meant that we have had a close dialog with you about the development of the system and we in the business think it has worked well. SSG On site and Workflow have been a contributing factor and made it easier for the business to work even more safely and efficiently.

About Campus AstraZeneca Södertälje

At AstraZeneca in Södertälje, world-leading research is transformed into life-saving medicines for patients all over the world. Millions of tablets, capsules, inhalers, granules, powders, ampoules, vials, and syringes are manufactured here every day.

  • One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in the world
  • 4 600 employees
  • 13 billion tablets are produced here every year
  • 30 medicines produced for more than 100 markets

Find out more about Campus AstraZeneca Södertälje here.