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At Stora Enso Skoghall, the information and safety app SSG On site was launched during the mill’s shutdown in calendar week 44.

“We see the app as a way of really reaching out with basic and current information to those who actually enter our premises and work here,” explains Safety and Security Manager Helena Davidsson.

At Stora Enso Skoghall it was confirmed at the beginning of the year that they were finding it difficult to convey important safety information to all of their contractors.

“The information we issued about safety equipment and the safety rules in force at the mill was not getting through to everyone who came here. In many places it got no further than the purchasing departments or the contracting companies’ supervisors. So we evaluated various alternatives and finally decided on SSG On site, which was launched this March. We see the app as a way of really reaching out with basic and current information to those who actually enter our premises and work here,” explains Helena Davidsson.

Locally adapted safety app

Stora Enso Skoghall started to enter locally adapted information about the Skoghall mill into the app two weeks before the mill’s shutdown in calendar week 42, when 800 contractors arrived at the mill – a doubling of the workforce compared with the regular employees.

“We invite the contractors to meetings before our autumn shutdowns to inform them and emphasise that they must feel welcome and feel sure about what is expected of them, for example in terms of clothing, risks and reporting of near-accidents. This year they were also informed about the SSG On site app. The contractors who then also appeared at the mill during the shutdown week were also given information about the new app at the gates and on the TV monitors at the mill,” says Helena Davidsson.

Many of the contractors had actually already downloaded the app on their mobiles when they arrived, while others had become familiar with it at other mills.

“It’s an advantage if many mills use SSG On site. It makes it easier for contractors and for us out at the plants to make greater use of the app,” says Helena Davidsson.

Positive initial response

As the launch took place only recently, the mill has not yet been able to perform any real evaluations.

“The shutdown has just ended. We’ve been able to confirm that the app has worked well with more than 500 users during our first month. Important information, for example about when a lifting operation is taking place during the day and where it’s slippery because of chemical cleaning, really got through to the contractors. We’re delighted that many people actually looked at our information pages – and not just at the ever-popular lunch menu,” says Helena Davidsson.

She goes on to confirm that one of the benefits of SSG On site is that the mill does not, as before, have to wait a whole year to issue up-to-date information about a change in an instruction or a requirement.

“We can now change it instantly in the app, making it quicker to pass on necessary information about things that contractors should be especially aware of.”

Helena Davidsson herself has entered most of the information into SSG On site, such as maps denoting the location of defibrillators, assembly points and parking areas.

“I’ve also been assisted by my safety and work environment engineer, and between us we’ve entered information about safety regulations relating to, for example, lock and tag, or gas measurements that must be conducted. And the Communication Department has helped me with images.”

The app is supplemented continuously

After the shutdown, Stora Enso Skoghall is now trying to map out which issues are still arising.

“The idea is that we’ll continue to fill the app with information and make active use of it. There are lots of additions we’re going to make, including information about waste, recycling and sorting at source. Other areas that will be evaluated with the contracting companies’ contact persons are information about contact persons, the locations of the control rooms and where the contractors should submit their work order.”

The big challenge now will be to maintain the interest of contractors.

“Yes, our next challenge is to keep the app so up-to-date that the contractors who are here for the rest of the year find it sufficiently informative and interesting,” concludes Helena Davidsson.

Find out more and download the SSG On site information and safety app.

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