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Vallvik Mill has been using SSG On Site since the summer. Their experiences are very positive.

“This is an incredibly good, easy-to-use tool to communicate essential safety information as well as news about important events at the mill,” says Arvid Sjöström.

Vallvik Mill has been working intensively with SSG On Site since the summer.

“The background was that we felt that in the past we didn’t have a good way of reaching contractors. We weren’t communicating the information we wanted to and we weren’t capturing everyone. So we chose to install SSG On Site, which has become something of an industry standard and has a totally new way of attacking the information problem with a new approach,” says Arvid Sjöström, who took over during the year as new Safety Manager at Vallvik Mill.

Early start this summer

SSG On Site has been used since this summer by the mill’s 150 employees, and also by the 50 or so contractors who visit Vallvik every day. The next step was taken at the beginning of October in connection with the mill’s major pre-planned maintenance shutdown, which involved another 550 contractors.

“We had collaborative meetings ahead of the autumn shutdown with contact persons from all contracting companies, at which we presented SSG On Site and the safety information that applies at the mill, and we took the opportunity to explain that we’re now making this app mandatory inside the Vallvik site, and that everyone must study the information on it,” says Arvid Sjöström.

Satisfied users

To keep it simple, SSG On Site is managed by Vallvik’s security gate staff.

“That’s natural, as they have the first contact with contractors.”

Experiences so far have been very good.

“The app is very popular. This is an incredibly good, easy-to-use tool for announcing important events, such as when the water or the electricity is disconnected, and so on,” says Arvid Sjöström.

All users – both employees and contractors – now find it easier to communicate with each other as contact lists and other safety information can be found on one shared platform. If a contractor has a question about the rules in force, it’s just a matter of referring to the SSG app.

The push notices are also appreciated.

“Especially by the contractors, who say that they have a better overall view of what’s going on in the factory.”

Further development of the app

Work is now continuing at Vallvik Mill to further develop SSG On Site locally.

“We’re looking for other areas of application, such as risk assessments. Our feeling internally is that SSG On Site has brought about a change in attitude among contractors. We’re finding that they know far more now than they used to about our demands when it comes to behaviour and the safety culture. We also hope that the app will be able to contribute to our receiving more reports of near-accidents from contractors, that they feel that they too are part of Vallvik’s safety,” says Arvid Sjöström.

The result has been so positive that SSG On Site is to be used throughout the Group, as Rottneros Mill will now also start work with the app.

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