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SSG Standards

Instructions, recommendations, and best practice solutions for sustainable industrial facilities

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Standards, recommendations, and instructions according to the industry's collective experience

SSG Standards provides you with instructions, recommendations, and best practice solutions that help you build and maintain a reliable, efficient, and economically sustainable industrial plant. The standards give you help and support in procurement, design, assembly, and maintenance, which saves time and money throughout the industrial plant's life cycle.

SSG's standards are based on the industry's collective experience and best solutions. The standards are prepared in SSG's committees and networks, where over 500 specialists within the Swedish industry are active and committed. The user, therefore, avoids reviewing and develop new technical solutions, and can instead follow standardized approaches and instructions used in industry, completely by applicable laws and regulations.


With a long history and proven experience

SSG has worked to develop standards since the 1950s, always based on proven experience and the industry's common needs. The standards are used by industries around the world, with several good examples as a result. SSG's standards are easily reached via SSG's website, easy for industrial plants, technical consultants, and suppliers to reach.

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How do I purchase SSG Standards?

You can buy SSG Standards in three different ways.
Either as individual standards, through subscriptions, or project documents.

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Individual Standards

Are you looking for one or more standards for a specific occasion? Individual standards are well suited for you who need individual standards for a limited time. Search for the standard you want to buy and click on buy. We offer several different payment options.

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Subscriptions are suitable for you who often use several of our standards. With a subscription, you can choose to access standards from one or more technology areas. You then always have access to all editions of the standards and easily download them through the service SSG Standards.

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Project document

With the added project Project Documents, you select standards that you want to share during a project, and can then give your contractors and suppliers access to them during the project time you have chosen. With Project Documents, everyone in the project can be sure that they have access to the right standard and the right edition.

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Do you want information about new and updated standards?

By subscribing to our standards newsletter, you will be updated when we publish new editions, when we have released new standards or when we have withdrawn standards that are no longer relevant. The newsletter is sent out a couple of times every year. You do not need to subscribe to SSG Standards to receive the newsletters, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

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Your feedback is important for SSG's standards to improve. In our feedback form, you can share your ideas, views, and wishes.

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