Standard Solutions Group

SSG is currently making technical improvements to its infrastructure. By upgrading the login platform for our services and courses, we’re not only increasing security but also becoming even more GDPR mature. It’s also an important step in the digitalization of our business and increasing the user friendliness for you.

“We’re an IT team working on this project in-house at SSG. The login platform is one of the initiatives SSG will be implementing during 2022, as we work to improve the shared functions for all our services. Essentially, we’re reviewing the uniformity of our services, logins, email notifications, etc. Our main focus is on the user experience and increasing user friendliness,” explains Mattias Nordvall, IT architect for shared functions at SSG.

Among other improvements, the upgrade of our login platform will make it easier for you to edit your user data. Other benefits include enhanced security, a one-off code to make the login process simpler, and a mobile-adapted interface that makes it easier to login via your mobile phone. Rather than keeping track of a username and password, you simply use your email address or mobile number to log in. You’ll also notice that the login platform has a new look, with a more modern design and layout.

All of SSG’s services will gradually be moved into the new login platform, a task that will be completed gradually in 2022. You’ll be guided through the entire process when you login as a user for the first time.

If you have any questions or encounter problems converting your account, please contact SSG’s support at 

Illustration från inloggningsplattformenThe image is a sample image showing what you will see when you login for the first time.