Standard Solutions Group

SSG is now launching a free information course about the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease. Its objective is to increase awareness on how to prevent the spread of infection, based on information from Swedish authorities.

“We are used to assisting Swedish industry in various ways,” says Markus Sjöholm, service owner for SSG’s courses. “This was why it seemed natural to play our part at this time.”

The novel coronavirus has spread around the world in a short time. The consequences of the virus, and the COVID-19 disease it brings with it, have resulted in enforced shutdowns in society, redundancies and greater pressure on care services. Knowing how the virus spreads and how to prevent it are important if we are to limit the adverse effects. This is why SSG has been working round the clock to devise a free, web-based course that aims to increase awareness of the virus and how to prevent infection.

“The Swedish authorities are currently doing a really good job of managing the ongoing pandemic and crisis on account of the coronavirus,” says Markus Sjöholm, service owner for SSG courses. “We want to play our part here and help to compile the basic information provided by the authorities and make it accessible. This is why we have created this information course for industry in a short time.”

SSG has extensive experience of offering courses and training for industry, so creating a course linked with the coronavirus and COVID-19 was well within its capabilities.

“We are used to assisting Swedish industry in various ways,” says Markus Sjöholm. “This was why it seemed natural to play our part at this time. We have also received direct enquiries from plants wishing to inform about the coronavirus prior to a visit, so we consider this course to be a good solution. Plants will be able to define the course as a requirement for access for contractors, suppliers, employees and suchlike.”

A major opportunity to reach out

Markus Sjöholm perceives an opportunity for SSG to use its contacts in order to reach out with its information.

“We currently have several hundred thousand people that have finished one of our courses, people who are employed at Swedish industrial plants or who visit and work at industrial plants,” says Markus Sjöholm. “It is clear to us that Swedish industry is working really hard to cope with what is going on and prevent infection. We can play our part here by reaching out and providing information on our learning platform, to which lots of people have access. This will allow us to reduce the risk of further spread by ensuring that people have completed the course before they turn up at plants.”

This course, which can be accessed on the SSG website, includes advice and information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and 1177. Course participants receive specific advice and tips on how to protect themselves and prevent infection. The course concludes with a final test to ensure that the person doing the course has assimilated the information. This course is completed on the SSG website.

“It is displayed clearly in the SSG portal to everyone who has completed SSG Entre or SSG Safety Ticket to date,” says Markus Sjöholm. “Others can access the course easily on our website and via our support service by registering their company.”