Standard Solutions Group

The popular SSG On Site app is continuing to take Swedish industry by storm. After two years, the app is now used by almost 30 industrial plants and a number of other industries are preparing to start using it.

“Our target for the end of the year is to see almost 50 plants using SSG On Site, and almost 30,000 users who have downloaded the app to their mobiles,” says Markus Sjöholm, service owner for SSG On Site.

SSG On Site is an app for plants and contractors and includes contacts, emergency numbers, interactive maps, safety information, lunch menus, risk inventories, incident reports, news flows with a push function and other important information needed when contractors are at a plant.

“What makes SSG On Site so successful is the fact that the plants in many different in diverse industries feel this is an app that their contractors must have, while at the same time the plants themselves are able to create all content in the app for the contractors. More and more employees have also started requesting and using SSG On Site,” says Markus Sjöholm.

Direct use of QR codes in the app is a new feature.

“You can convey all types of information to contractors here by putting up QR codes at site security, next to a machine or in a specific room and then allowing them to scan these codes on their mobiles using the SSG On Site app. This can be any kind of information that is valid today and may be changed tomorrow – information about repairs, authorisations, sorting of waste, etc. We have only just scratched the surface of what SSG On Site and QR codes can offer in terms of opportunities and applications,” says Markus Sjöholm.

Development of SSG On Site

The app is constantly being developed in close partnership with representatives of both industry and contracting companies. It is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

“SSG On Site means that contractors can now check in advance whether they meet the training requirements and are authorised to access a plant. A red flag means they have to complete the course required, a green flag means they can sleep soundly the night before.”

The latest new features include allowing users to create their own checklists and forms for permits – these are very much appreciated as more and more people want to digitise the flow of paper permits.

“Our intention here is to start a workgroup with relevant individuals from Swedish industry so that we can improve this SSG On Site feature even more,” says Markus Sjöholm.

“Going forward, a lot more work will be done on the app to make it even better and even more useful to Swedish industry,” he concludes. “When it comes down to it, we have to test proactive ideas and thoughts while maintaining close communication with our customers. We are keeping an ear to the ground at all times so that we can keep track of exactly what is going on around us.”