Standard Solutions Group

The industrial app SSG On Site is continuing its successful journey. So far more than 6,000 people have downloaded the app and there are 13 industrial plants using SSG On Site as a source of safety information.

“This is clearly something that industry has been missing, there’s massive interest,” says Markus Sjöholm, Service Owner at SSG.

The industrial app SSG On Site was launched earlier this year, which enables industrial plants to compile site-specific information, such as safety information, contacts, alarm numbers, maps, etc., which visitors can easily access. The app quickly became a success and was praised for its simplicity. The figure of 6,000 downloads was recently passed, and 13 industrial plants in Sweden are now using SSG On Site as their source of safety information. Another five plants are just starting to use the app, and discussions are under way with more than 30 plants in Sweden.

“This is clearly something that industry has been missing, there’s massive interest,” says Markus Sjöholm, Service Owner at SSG On Site. “Digital technology means that it’s never been so easy to reach contractors and employees, and a lot of people want to make use of that.”

The arrival of a smartphone in everyone’s hand has changed the information landscape.

“Most people now have a smart mobile phone, so plants have totally new opportunities to communicate with their target group more quickly and easily,” says Markus Sjöholm. “The work of plants to communicate important information is much more effective, as information only needs to be updated in one place, and it’s always up to date.”

Finely tuned registration process

A lot of effort has been put into making the registration process for SSG On Site short. There is currently one specific resource at SSG working to register new plants. This work takes the form of workshops, at which users get to familiarise themselves with the new tool.

“It’s a creative and really enjoyable process, with a high degree of professionalism,” says Markus Sjöholm. “We always operate with a pre-prepared template to run the workshop, with exercises and presentations. Administrators at the plants are always keen to get started and are curious. As a final element of the workshop, the newly trained administrators are given access to their plant in the app and the administration tool. Work then starts to structure their information that is to be made available to contractors and visitors at the plant.”

Markus believes that work on digitalisation in industry is a factor that is driving enthusiasm within the sector, as well as safety work.

“There’s a lot of talk about digitalisation in industry nowadays, and many companies are looking for ways to be more digital in their operations. Communicating safety information through an app is one element of this work, which also frees up a lot of other resources. But the plants also understand that this is a good tool for communicating safety information, which is a way of creating a safer work environment.”