Standard Solutions Group

After the summer, the function in which a course administrator approves completed courses is being removed. This function has already been removed at many of SSG’s existing customers, and is considered to be an unnecessary administrative step that has sometimes delayed work.

“This brings benefits to both contractors and plants,” says Joel Mårtensson, Group Manager at SSG’s Service Support.

At present, the course administrator for a contracting company has to give their approval when a contractor has completed a course, for example SSG Entre. After the summer this function will be removed, and the course participant will be automatically approved after he or she has passed the final knowledge test.

“We receive a lot of support cases about this,” says Joel Mårtensson, Group Manager of SSG’s Service Support. “Many contractors are stopped at security and refused entrance because the approval section has been overlooked. This creates unnecessary problems for the contractors, and we want to avoid that.”

The decision to remove the function has been taken in consultation with customers. Some contractors have been stopped when trying to enter plants because the final part of the approval process has been forgotten. In some cases the course administrator has then been unavailable, which has created delays.

“We’ve listened to customers, and that’s why we’re removing it,” says Joel Mårtensson. “It’s important for both the plant and the contractor that they can get started with their work as quickly as possible.”

Greater personal responsibility

As the course participant is automatically approved once he or she has passed the knowledge test, there is greater personal responsibility to acquaint themselves with the course’s content, as there is no longer an administrator to go in and approve.

“We think that this brings benefits for both the plants and the contractors,” says Joel Mårtensson. “For the contractor and the course administrator, we’re removing an administrative step, and the contractor doesn’t need to depend on anyone else, but assume their own responsibility for their course approval. For the plant, there’s less risk that a contractor might not be approved, and at the same time they can be certain that an approved contractor has completed the course. This creates a safer work environment.”

If you have any questions, please contact SSG’s Service Support.