SSG Contractor Safety

SSG Contractor Safety is an online safety course for industry contractors. The course provides basic expertise and enhances risk awareness among contractors who often work in high-risk environments. The training generates awareness of how to deal with hazards of various kinds in industry. The aim of this course is to improve the safety culture and reduce accidents in the workplace.

It takes about two hours to complete SSG Contractor Safety USA – Basic Orientation. You can take the training anywhere, anytime, as long as an internet connection is available. The course ends with a final test with certification, and a diploma is issued afterwards. Results are valid for three years.

1. Register company 2. Add users 3. Assign courses 4. Follow up


Step 1. Register company

To be able to take part in the Contractor Safety course you need to follow these instructions:
First, you need to fill in the application form regarding your Company for SSG Contractor Safety here
Please note, that due to time differences, the processing time might vary since we are located in Sweden (CET+1). When we have received the application, we will register your company within 8-16 working hours. An e-mail with login information will be sent to you, or the one you entered as the administrator. The SSG web service administers the service from your end. The next step is that the administrator logs in and adds the users then assigns the course they need. 

Payment and Billing

The cost for the SSG Contractor Safety USA – Basic Orientation is $115 per registered user. The local courses are included without cost. 
Note. Invoice payment must be made by bank transfer as stated on the invoice and check payment is not accepted.

Register company

Step 2. Add users

As the administrator, you are authorized to add employees and assign a role to them. 

Follow the instructions below:  

  1. Sign in here to manage courses and users.
  2. Start by clicking on Users and then on Add User.
  3. Choose which role the user is going to have, Student or Administrator.
  4. Follow the guide by entering the social security number and click on Validate
    If the person is already registered in our system, the personal information will be shown. If needed, you can update the user's contact information and then click Next.

Add users

Step 3. Assign courses

The administrator can assign a course to the employees. Follow the instructions below:

  1.  Sign in here to manage courses and users.
  2. Click on Courses in the left menu.
  3. Select the required training from the list under Available courses.
  4. Click on Next step to add the students and then click on Next step again to confirm the order.

The course is now assigned to the student and a notification with the student code is sent to the registered e-mail address.

Assign course

Step 4. Follow up

As an administrator, you can monitor your userscourse progression.

As an administrator, you can monitor your users' course progression. To see this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in here to  manage courses and users.
  2. Click on Courses in the left menu.
  3. The easiest way to see all courses per person is to enter the name of the course participant through a free text search and click on search.
  4. You can sort by name, status, completed, approved, or validity period. You can also filter by only searching for a course in the drop-down menu or using free text search.
  5. List is then possible to print as a PDF or Excel file.

See course progression

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How do I sign in? How do I start the course? You find the answers to the frequently asked questions in our FAQ forum. You can also ask questions directly to us.

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