Standard Solutions Group

SSG Supplier, SSG’s new supplier check service, has been built for close integration with the SSG Access security service. This gives plants full control, ensuring that both individuals and their employers meet all the necessary requirements.

“We have performed this integration in order to create a single unit providing control over both companies and individuals. SSG Supplier’s close link with SSG Access gives clients and plants automatic control, allowing checks to be performed to ensure that individual contractors have the right expertise and that companies and employers meet all predefined requirements, not least when it comes to ensuring that contractors who are working at plants hold the right insurance cover and approved certificates,” says Linn Folke, service owner for SSG Supplier.

SSG Supplier linked with SSG Access to check employers, while also allowing you to check that contractors have completed SSG Entre

Project module facilitates control

“SSG Access contains a project module where the project manager or the person responsible for the project can create the project initially and then add the contracting companies that are to be involved in it. The person setting up the project can also see whether or not the company in question is approved in accordance with SSG Supplier,” says Linn Folke.

“There used to be a gap between the purchasing organisation and the project managers who handle the project themselves,” she continues. “But now we have created a digital bridge for this in terms of communication, so the purchasing organisation uses SSG Supplier to indicate that these companies are approved from a corporate perspective, while SSG Access indicates the same approval for the individuals who are out working at the plants.”

Access control linked with SSG Supplier

The other advantage of this integration of the two services involves the access control itself.

“When individual contractors try to access a plant, the gates will simply not open unless the employer has all the paperwork in order. To access a site with an Access card, the individual safety training courses via SSG Entre have to have been passed and the contracting company also has to be approved in accordance with SSG Supplier,” concludes Linn Folke.