Standard Solutions Group

In January, SSG conducted an NPS survey among users and customers in the SSG Entre and SSG Academy services. The purpose of the survey was, among other things, to find out customers’ perceived satisfaction with regard to simplicity and service in contact with SSG, and also how likely they are to recommend SSG to colleagues and business acquaintances. The latter part results in an NPS value.

“As part of the NPS survey, 13,000 emails were sent out among our plant customers and contracting customers who manage the SSG Entre and SSG Academy services,” says Joel Mårtensson, Group Manager at SSG’s Service Support. “The fact that as many as 1,500 customers took the time to respond to the questionnaires was in itself a good result,” says Joel Mårtensson.

Results of the NPS question

The NPS question, which divides respondents into critics, passives and ambassadors, gave SSG a positive rating. In a measurement range from -100 to +100, plant customers specifically gave SSG a high result of +10.6.

“What is particularly interesting is that the ratings in this NPS question are positively even regardless of customer group. This means that customers in general consider that we’re giving fundamentally good service to all our customers. But we have to become even better,” says Joel Mårtensson.

Very proud

In response to the question “How easy do you feel that we make it for you as a customer in our contacts?” for SSG’s Customer Support, the result was even higher.

“8 out of 10 customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with the way we handle our customers’ cases, and that’s something we’re very proud of. We have a goal to handle our customers’ enquiries at a very high level, and this result is fully in line with that goal.”

Generous with ideas and suggested improvements

One major benefit from the survey was the large number of free text responses relating to general feedback and suggested improvements, which the customers shared generously in their responses to the questionnaire.

“We received plenty of new ideas, feedback and suggested improvements. Many of the free text comments were full of praise for SSG’s Service Support with its ‘pleasant and competent staff who provide quick and good answers’,” says Joel Mårtensson, concluding:

“Of course the level must become even better towards the customer, which makes these comments a major factor in future improvement work. And one important part of this is to continue in future to follow up on the various results with new surveys in order to confirm that our future work and service toward customers also continue to head in the right direction.”